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Our Services

At Flowertivity, wepride ourselves in providing a safe collaborative space to learn and ask questions. We are here to equip you with practical skills you can use immediately. We offer a range of freelance and education services to help you create the perfect event. From flowers and decor to event planning-support and design-support, our team of experts will work with you every step of the way to bring your vision to life.

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Flowertivity- wedding reception centerpices blush and white
Floweritvity-40th birthday magenta pink fuschia at Farai Machina events

Event Florist Training

Event Space Design & Set-up Freelance support

Event Planning Freelance Support

Our event florist training program is designed to teach beginners the basics they need to start a successful business as event florists. With hands-on training and expert guidance, you'll learn everything from flower care and arrangement to business and marketing strategies. We also offer freelance services to help you cover your arrangement orders.

Our event space design freelance services are perfect for those who need help setting up and creating a truly unique and memorable event. Our team of designers will work with you to execute your design plan that perfectly fits your client's vision and budget.

Let us help you take the stress out of planning your next event, with our freelance services. From weddings and corporate events to social gatherings and more, we'll provide freelance assistance support to help you cover every detail so you can execute your event.

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